Monday, February 28, 2011


Now that both of my dear bridesmaids have accepted, I can share with you how I officially asked them to stand with me on my wedding day.

First of all, if you've known me for very long there's a good chance you already know who my bridesmaids are. They have been by my side for as long as I can remember, know me better than anyone and put up with me too. I have known Jessica since I was a wee little thing in a Speedo (when we were something like 6 years old her parents would give me rides to swim meets when mine were not able, and then we were on the high school swim team together many many years later), and I met Kelly in middle school art class. Funny too how both circumstances revolve around two of my deepest loves: water and art. We were pretty much a package deal throughout high school, one did not come without the others.

So anyway. I didn't think it was enough to call or text or email, and distance prevented me from getting the three of us together to ask and celebrate in person, so I went with hand written notes and pretty pretty snail mail.


And, of course, they said yes! So there we go.

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