Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's all coming together!

Ok ok, we're not very good at planning a wedding. Is this news to you all?

Well let me tell you something. We have not only set a date (June 5!), booked a caterer and a photographer (contracts signed, deposit checks sent), assigned a master of music and day of point person, officially requested the services of our nearest and dearest as bridesmaids/groomsmen (more on this later as I'm not entirely sure they have all arrived), and I ordered my dress! Totally amazing. All of this in, what, three weeks? We're also working on invitations, compiling a registry, and looking for boy's clothes.

But next up... the cake tastings. Because it is our right as people about to get married to eat free cake. And lots of it. Yes indeedy.


  1. I love the rock candy cake!

  2. yeah yeah, what she said! The rock candy cake is awesome!!

  3. My favorite is the bottom set! Pretty colors, and looks delicious.