Tuesday, June 22, 2010

cute as a button

Here's a preview of the color pallet we're playing around with. Maybe not those exact shades, but it gives you an idea. I really love the look of grey and yellow together, especially for a Spring/Summer wedding, and some carefully balanced pops of red make for even more fun!

I have been thinking about these colors for a while now, and have seen photos of some yellow bouquets that I just adore. I fell in love with these big round yellow flowers that I wasn't even sure were technically flowers. As you might suspect, I had no idea what they were called. Try googling "big round yellow flowers" and see what you get. It is mostly flowers (and some suspicious owls), but sadly not the big round yellow flowers I was looking for. But thanks to Weddingbee I now know what they are!

That, my friends, is a Billy Button (or Billy Ball, woollyhead, or craspedia). And it makes a fabulous bouquet if I do say so myself.

Seriously, do you LOVE them?


  1. Oh yes! I love those flowers!! I daresay I've seen them "in the wild" and they always make me smile.

  2. aw.. wow, those *are* pretty cute.. never seen anything like that before! =)