Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey, guess what. I'm engaged! And with engagements come weddings. And weddings don't happen by themselves. They require planning. While I consider myself to be pretty good at planning, making lists, getting stuff done, I feel at a bit of a loss with this whole wedding planning business. I read a lengthy list of wedding blogs, and they're beautiful, and they inspire me and all that, but they're not me. So I'm on a journey to find what is me (and the future hubby of course), because otherwise this is all a waste of time.

So where to start? The dress? Of course the dress is important, and I think about it a lot, but it's not the first thing I thought about. What was the first? The invitations. Interesting. I'm pretty obsessed with designing the perfect Save The Dates and invitations that will set the tone for the entire wedding. No pressure, right? Wrong. But I don't want to overwhelm you on the first post, so we'll get more into it later. What's next? The music. I figure a year to plan out the perfect playlist should be just about enough time. Right? We'll see. Oh, and the food. I'm far more concerned with the dessert bar than the dinner, but isn't that obvious to anyone who actually knows me? And sneaking up on the list of priorities? Photographer. I used to try to tell myself that hiring a professional photographer was not important. But the more I'm reading and the more I'm looking at beautiful photos to remember this one day that will never happen again for the rest of my life, well, I'm thinking I may have been wrong about that one.

So you, my dear readers, have been assigned the task of opinion givers, inspirers (not even a word, but I'm using it!), brain stormers, supporters, and wedding planners. Do you accept?


  1. can't wait to see all the details come together! :) Good luck!

  2. Have you looked through for reviews of photographers and other vendors?

  3. I haven't checked out yet, only started browsing through The Knot. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I agree that a professional photographer that has the type of style you're looking for is very important. I'm so happy we paid a bit more to get what we wanted. I love my photos!

    First things First!!! make sure you get the place and date!

  5. Being that I just got married a mere 5 & 1/2 weeks ago & you were there, I could give you some names of vendors! We were wondering where you guys were going to get married though? We absolutely loved our photographer! Hope you had the opportunity to check out the photos she posted in her 'sneak peek' blog. We should be getting the rest in a week or two! And the woman who did our cake is awesome & can do all types. She gave us quite a few business cards & I'll pass one on to you guys. She lives 10 minutes from us! I don't know if our DJ would be the right fit for what you may want, but he's is a great & talented guy, who I've know for almost 20 yrs! Our florist did a great job too! We liked the videographer-he was great to work with, but we won't see the finished product for a while yet (we need to get some music to him & it's been tough making decisions!) I will certainly email you everyone's name & numbers. I can't wait to see this ring of yours too! I've got a few more mags to give you as well! And lastly, was a great & helpful site. I also signed up on :) Good luck & most of all have fun with the process!!