Saturday, June 12, 2010

married in fantasy land

We'll kick this off with a little fantasy inspiration. How much do you love this photo shoot? I love the vintage styling, the colors, the composition, and the fun of course! It's not actually from their wedding day (they had already been married for a year according to the story), but how much fun would it be if it was? Can I have my wedding at a carnival? I think I would die.



  1. How festive! I'm sure you've seen this one too, but:


    Get married at Kings Dominion!

  2. Oh yes, that is one of my favorites! Especially the old truck and the kissing booth. Amazing.

  3. *squeals* i love the pics and ideas and joy oh my! though a circus wedding may not be for you it certainly helps with getting out of the box in what might be; looking forward to seeing more =p